Englewood Genealogical Society of Florida

Special Interest Groups


Special Interest Groups, also known as SIGs, have been established to assist members with their genealogical research. There are currently eight SIGs with members joining the group or groups of their research interest. Meetings are usually for two hours. Most SIGs meet once a month at Elsie Quirk Library, on the second floor in either the Meeting room or Conference room. SIG meetings information and a contact person are published in our newsletter, Timelines.

The Special Interest Group meetings are informal and a way to share research techniques. As a group is needed, the group is added.

Elsie Quirk Library has wi-fi and all groups have access to the internet.  Members in many of the groups bring laptops to SIG meetings.


The current Special Interest Groups are:

Beginning Genealogy: This group assists members getting started in genealogical research using charts, books, websites and ideas shared by members. This group is led by Gail Finney.  For more information contact us, click here.


Family Tree Maker: This group uses the most recent version (2019) and is dedicated to members learning and helping others with all aspects of this computer-based genealogical software program. The software is available in both PC and Mac formats. Members learn to document sources in an organized way, to create reports, including pedigree charts with photos, to organize facts, documents, photos and much more. You can become the author of your own Family History Book. This group is led by D'Ann Still.
DNA: In this Special Interest Group, members learn from each other. Occasionally, special speakers are invited to talk on particular aspects of the DNA and its use in genealogical research. This group is led by Sue Carlson and Pam Schierberg.
For up-to-date information on any Special Interest Group, visit the EVENTS tab and then, contact the group's leader.